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AzATA Standing Committees

The Board of Directors may establish committees to assist in fulfilling the purposes of the Association and serving the interests of the members. The Board shall establish specific policies and procedures governing the creation and implementation of committees, which policies and procedures shall be made available to all members of the Association; provided that the Board may not assign to a committee the final responsibility for making binding agreements, expending funds or taking any other final action in behalf of the Board or the Association.

The Board shall provide the committees with adequate resources, both financial and other, to facilitate the fulfillment of the goals of the committee. The Board shall be concerned only with the outcome of the committee's work, so far as it is completed in a prudent manner that conforms to the Policies and Procedures of the Association.

The committees shall strive to accomplish the goals of the committee. The committees shall provide for high quality outcomes from the programs of the committee. The Board desires the committees to be proactive and innovative in their approach to solving problems and reaching their goals.

Each committee member holds responsibility for the proper functioning of the committee. The committee chair shall coordinate the activities of the committee to fulfill the goals of the committee. The committee chairs are expected to attend all regular meetings of the Association as well as the annual, semi-annual and budget meetings of the Board of Directors. If attendance is not possible, the chair shall select an informed committee member to represent the committee.

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