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With the killing of George Floyd and the resulting societal response, the AzATA Board of Directors feels compelled to acknowledge the social injustices faced by our members, especially the Black community. As a Board, we were outraged by the brutal treatment of another human being. Admittedly, we have struggled to come up with the right words of support for our members, our patients, and in some cases, even our friends and families. We continue to be committed to providing compassionate care to all, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or other underrepresented groups, and we recognize the light currently shed on these injustices as an opportunity to engage, support, and learn from one another.

Although we spend most of our time treating our patients’ physical ailments, we cannot ignore the emotional scars inflicted by these social injustices. As athletic trainers, we must recognize these issues are present within our settings and we must be cognizant of how we engage in our practice. This awareness spurs conversations and thoughts that are difficult, uncomfortable, and overwhelming, but necessary to address as advocates for our patients, and members of society. The AzATA holds strong to its mission to enhance the field of athletic training, and its vision to enhance collaboration and engagement. We stand to empower our membership and lead by example to foster change.

We will put forth resources to help you through these challenging times with the goal of moving forward as healthcare providers, peers, and human beings. We believe this is best accomplished through a collaborative effort. On our AzATA website we have created a members page (www.azata.net/Anti-Racism-Resources) to build a robust listing of available resources. The Board has pledged to add content that they find valuable in hope that the membership will do the same. Everyone looks at this topic through a different lens, and we recognize this is an individual journey towards educating oneself.

We have made the commitment to provide compassionate care for all who express a need, without bias. The AzATA is in alignment with our national association by standing in support of active solutions that bring us together as a community. We foster and appreciate the uniqueness of all people. This disease of the heart and mind that we call racism is deep seeded and virulent; the only cure being within ourselves. The AzATA stands as an ally with our Black members, patients, and communities to seek peace and equality that is rooted in justice.

We see you. We hear you. We stand with you.

Arizona Athletic Trainers Association

Board of Directors

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